How to Get Recruiters to See Your Football Players

Every program wants to see more recruits coming from their school. You might already have the most recruited program in your region, and if so, we hope you'll place additional recommendations in the comment section for other coaches to see. If you're a hard working coach of a team that just doesn't seem to get noticed, it's time to change your tactics.

Every team needs to have "recruitment" on their minds and woven into everything that happens on and off the field.

Here are the top 4 ways to bring attention to your players and your program:

  • Have recruit sheets for all players. When it comes to recruiting, treat your players like a valuable product. This is their "magazine ad" that should feature their photo and key stats.

  • Match recruiters with talent. Be honest with yourself and your athletes. Some will be at the D1 level, others will be rockstars in junior colleges or need refinement at prep schools. You know your athletes. Set them up for success.

  • Implement social media. Make it a team effort to start and keep your school's football program channels updated.

  • Take unofficial school visits. Working with local school coordinators is a great way to expose opportunities to your players (and your players to the recruiters)

For more ways to get your players recruited, and in depth tips for each initiative, download our Guide: 8 Ways to Get Your Players Recruited.

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