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Master the playbook, faster with Team Nation's gamified playbook app

Gain the Player Advantage

Team Nation Sports In-App Playbook Learning Games

Team Nation auto transforms your playbook into powerful football learning games. In one-minute rounds, score as many correct answers as possible. Match team and play notes, name the play, draw the route and more. 

Race the Clock to Win Games

Nail Custom Installs

Learn custom schemes and installs tailored to your next opponent. Your coaches might even load opponent plays to prep you better.

Name This Football Play Learning Game
Football Player Team Nation Readiness Score

Own the Leaderboard

Compete with team members for the top of the in-app leaderboard. Increase your football readiness score as you Master all areas of the playbook:

pass, run, defense, special teams

Tell Your Coach about Team Nation

Bring gamified learning and online playbooks to your football team. Help your team master the playbook and increase your football IQ all while taking over the leaderboard.

Submit your coach's information. We can't guarantee brownie points, but you'll both benefit by using Team Nation.

This isn't just another online football playbook app, it's gaming, team competition, and learning all while you're inching up the Team Nation in-app leaderboard. Gamified playbooks are a better way to learn plays before you hit the field.

If you've ever wanted to play football better, we have a way to put in your mental reps so you won't find yourself asking "what's my route?"

Play games, learn plays

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