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What is Team Nation?

Have you ever wondered how many of your players actually understand your playbook? Or how would your team perform if EVERY player knew where EVERYONE else was supposed to be on every play? No one knows the answers to these questions because teams use the same basic technology that coaches have used since football was invented – photocopies and extensive written tests.
Team Nation solves that problem. We're an online playbook currently offering coaches and teams a way to master the playbook BEFORE practice through creative, engaging, challenging learning games. Our tech allows your players to compete for the best scores. We take advantage of 21st century technology to teach your team your strategies through the most current, effective, and cutting-edge approaches to learning. We then track your players’ learning so that you get up-to-date, real-time data showing you exactly how mentally prepared your players are for the upcoming game.

What will my players learn with Team Nation?

With Team Nation your players will learn to actually understand football – like your best coach, film analyst, or Tony Romo understands it. They will understand your schemes, your opponents’ schemes, football strategy in general, and what their role is relative to their teammates for every single play. Each week, you can prioritize learning with custom game plans. In addition, using Team Nation your players will learn the history of football and the development of the game, the nitty-gritty detailed rules, and all of your playbook coach’s notes for each player and scheme. With Team Nation, your players will become students of the game. Team Nation will put your players’ brains in their feet.

How do I sign up?

We are currently taking reservations for teams that want to implement Team Nation for the Fall 2021 season. Just click the “reserve now” button on the website and you can sign up to onboard this fall. Space is limited, and teams are served on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I get my team started on Team Nation?

We’re eager to invite you to the Team Nation Coaches Club. Team Nation Coaches work with our football experts to build a custom experience for their team within minutes. When you join, you’ll be invited to:

  1. Customize your playbook. Team Nation’s playbook drawing tools are simple and state-of-the-art to cover all your proprietary material. Simultaneously, you’ll have access to Team Nation’s world-class Playbook Library that covers the most valuable schemes, sets, and plays in the modern game, from high school to pro-level.

  2. Invite your players. Simply input your players names and phone numbers and Team Nation will walk them through the experience of downloading the app and beginning play. We also provide a physical welcome packet you can give to players at orientation.

  3. Check out your stats. As soon as players begin using the app, Team Nation will create a live dashboard to show your team’s mental preparation. You’ll know which players are – and aren’t – prepared, by individual, position, and unit. You’ll also be able to see which plays, schemes, and installs/game plans are strong and which are weak.

  4. Customize your practice. Using your dashboard, you’ll be able to customize your practice and game play to benefit from your team’s strengths and improve on your team’s weaknesses.

Our current playbook is not very well organized.  Can I still use Team Nation?

Absolutely! We know that many teams do not fully diagram their plays and assume that players already understand some basic formations. Inevitably, some players do have a basic grasp of strategies and formations and some do not. Team Nation will help you fill in these gaps by providing a catalog of plays that you can copy into your team’s confidential playbook. You also can use our intuitive drawing tool to enter any other plays that are critical for your team to understand.

What data will I see about my team?

Team Nation provides detailed data of your team’s mastery of the playbook. As your players learn the playbook within the app, our proprietary software tracks their progress and provides “Readiness” data broken down for each player and play. This quantifiable statistic is like giving you a 40-yard dash for the brain, or a weight room for the mental game. Using the Coach’s Dashboard, you’ll immediately know the answer to questions like:

  • Which players have mastered our Week 7 Install/Game Plan?
  • What players are putting in the time to master the mental game? Who’s falling behind?
  • What schemes does my team understand best?
  • Who is my star receiver for understanding every route perfectly?

When can I start using this tool?

Teams who reserve their spot will begin using Team Nation in July and August, for the Fall 2021 Season. If you have already reserved your spot, check your inbox (and your spam folder) for emails from Team Nation Sports about activating your account.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes, please! But time is limited and the openings for our Fall launch are going fast. Please feel free to share this website with other coaches that need Team Nation.

We have multiple teams at our school / organization.  Can we all use Team Nation?

Each Team Nation license works for up to three different-age teams that are part of the same organization (school or little league club) at the same location.

Will you be offering additional functionality?

Yes! We wanted to make sure that you have our core product in time for the fall 2021 season so we have lots of exciting updates planned! Just think what Team Nation will be able to do for how players watch game film …

Will you be offering Team Nation for other sports?

Yes! Our platform will extend easily to any team sport that uses set plays, schemes, and strategies. Stay tuned for announcements about basketball and soccer …

How do I use Team Nation most effectively?

High school football coaches often spend 40% of their practice time rehearsing the playbook. What would happen if you got that time back? Team Nation allows you to stop wasting your limited practice time teaching the playbook. Before players arrive, they’ll already know they’ve mastered the specific schemes and strategies you want to focus on at practice. You’ll see, before practice, exactly who has done their homework. You can even begin preparation before the clock starts ticking on the season. Now that mental preparation is quantifiable and transparent, some coaches even make it a requirement before suiting up for games! Welcome to the world where you can focus your precious practice time on reaction time, teamwork, agility, competitiveness, and conditioning.

Will Team Nation give me an unfair advantage so that I can crush other teams into hopeless humiliation?

Probably. If you'd like to understand how, check out the other FAQ information!

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