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Easy playbook builder

Create custom football plays or pull from Team Nation’s playbook library developed by pro players

Build Online Football Playbook from Playbook library

Playbooks are seriously simple with Team Nation

Control user access

Invite players & staff to the mobile app to learn and play. Remove access for anyone who leaves.

Football Coach View of Player Data

Real time reporting

Understand your team's strengths & weaknesses like never before with team and player readiness scores

Team Nation Sports Coach Desktop View of Team Readiness Data

Opponent preparation

Create custom installs to focus player attention on upcoming games

Custom Football Installs in Online Playbook

Team engagement

Build community and commitment through team interactions that extend outside of practice

Team engagement chat tool

"There are winners, and there are people who would like to be winners but just don't know how to do it. Intelligent and talented people who are motivated can learn how to become winners if they have someone who will teach them."

- Bill Walsh

When coaches use Team Nation as their online playmaker, teams get smarter, practice gets streamlined.


  1. Athletes study the playbook and play in-app games (automatically generated from your plays and notes)

  2. You can see who is putting in their mental reps. Just check your team's leaderboard for group stats and individual rankings

You'll understand how well your team knows next week's install and where to focus your efforts during practice.

Gamify your playbook,

Access actionable data

Coach with Team Nation Online Playbooks on Mobile App
Team Nation App Screenshots Coach View

Must-Have Tool for Coaches

Take back practice time. Understand which players know your playbook.

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