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Team Nation Founders Matt Clayton, Chad Lewis, Whitney Clayton

Our Story

How Team Nation went from idea to "must-have" playbook tech for coaches

Team Nation Sports Staff Meeting
Team Nation Sports Staff Meeting

In the office

A conversation to spark an idea

Like most great ideas, Team Nation Sports started with two people having a conversation about a pain point and ideating a solution. In 2019, a high school coach approached our founder, Matt Clayton (founder of the Slopes School, hailed by US Secretary of Education as a leading example of innovation), looking for a solution to an every day coaching pain. Knowing that Matt understood how to build tech solutions addressing every-day learning needs, the coach shared, “We lose 40% of our practice time teaching the playbook. We need Khan academy for sports.” Would it be possible for players to arrive for summer camp or practice already knowing the X’s and O’s? If this feat could be accomplished, practice time could be reallocated to agility, teamwork, speed.


The question quickly shifted from “could we build it?” to “HOW do we build it?” After researching available options and speaking with coaches, Matt discovered the limited available options were tailored towards drawing playbooks or manually building quizzes—neither of which could truly deliver the desired results.

Why use gaming

According to Dr Karyn Purvis, “it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain… unless it is done with play. In that case it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions.” Games reinforce learning faster than other methods and have been implemented in many other fields of study.


Matt embraced the challenge of building an intuitive app which would automatically turn any coaches’ playbook into interactive head-to-head games, taking the lift off coaches to build testing modules or to lead time-intensive, face-to-face instructional groups. At a time when most sports teams still rely on 3-ring binders, this initiative was a no-brainer.


“We drew up the app groundwork to make it feel like a game while still delivering high-quality learning experience around each coaches’ playbook.”

Team Nation Sports Founders on Computer

Forming the dream team

Realizing this technology could revolutionize the way sports learning happens and could help athletes at all levels, Matt and a handful of individuals committed to building Team Nation. Chad Lewis (former pro bowl NFL tight end and associate athletic director at BYU) along with Whitney Clayton (former CEO of Syberjet) co-founded this incredible venture. Securing funding in 2020 lent for the assembly of educators, pro players, and seasoned business leaders to join the efforts to launch Team Nation to a small number of VIP high school and youth teams—paving the way for a 2022 nationwide rollout.


Team Nation is deeply grateful for the large community of fans and supporters who, through app purchase and usage, provide further opportunities to provide interactive sports learning for athletes and sports fans.

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